Six new short courses on feeding and milling

Introducing six new feeding and milling courses that are now available on the Feedlot TECH Training Hub. 

The feeding and milling team play an integral role within the day-to-day operations of a feedlot and are the focus for the latest round of Feedlot Fundamental courses developed.

The suite of short courses includes topics such as feedstuff energy and what constitutes a ration, the basics of milling and grain processing, a more advanced milling and grain processing module, commodity and ration testing, and record keeping.

Each training course is approximately one hour in length and is free to enrol in for all NFAS Accredited feedlots, currently. It’s an opportunity for operators to upskills their workforce effectively and efficiently, and a chance for new employees to learn from easy to access courses designed by industry for industry.

Commodity and ration testing, and ensuring quality
Commodity and ration testing, and ensuring quality
Feed Shed Loader Operator Online Training
Feedstuff energy and what constitutes a ration
Milling and grain processing an overview
Milling and grain processing