Schools & Universities

The feedlot sector is proactively developing resources to provide information for students and the Australian community about lot feeding. Please visit the resources below for further information.

Grain Fed Beef

About Grain Fed Beef  

This website provides information about feedlots and the production of grain fed beef. It includes information on ethical farming practices, environmental considerations and the dedicated people who work in feedlots. This site also answers frequently asked questions about the sector.

Education Resource - Good Meat

Educational Resources

Australian Good Meat provides information about the red meat supply chain. The site includes producer stories and answers your questions about animal health and welfare, environmental sustainability and nutrition. Educational resources, linked to the Australian school curriculum, are available for all schooling years for teachers and students. Virtual excursions are available for classes to learn firsthand what life on a feedlot is like.  

Uni + Career Fairs

Universities & Career Fairs

Feedlot TECH, on behalf of the feedlot sector, is able to be involved in university career fair to discuss pathways in the industry. An ALFA/MLA Technical Services Officer can present to university agricultural students, providing indepth sector information. Additionally, the Training Hub has suitable resources available for students (upon enquiry and verification).