Professional Development

Professional development can help you to excel in your lot feeding career.

This training is essential to improve your skills, knowledge and professional credentials. It also ensures you are up to date with relevant industry information, so you are ready for the next step in your career.

Use the filter options below to find courses that are relevant to your desired development area or career stage. Use the Search function to look for topics you would like training on. The Scholarships and Awards page holds additional opportunities for lot feeders.

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Addressing Difficult Behaviours

It is inevitable that throughout your career you will be faced with individuals and situations that test your composure. The Addressing Difficult Behaviours virtual learning series explores the complexities and

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Advanced Communication

The 2019 AIM leadership survey ranked Communication as the #1 skill needed for great leadership. However, in our increasingly matrixed organisations, communication skills are vital at every level to drive

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Are you ready to challenge your ability as a presenter and deliver better results? This one-day course will enhance your skills and confidence by providing a new perspective on presenting.

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Assertiveness Technique

Being self-assured and confident without being aggressive is critical to getting things done in today’s interdependent and high-performance business environment. Developing assertiveness is essential to express our beliefs and opinions

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Building Team Performance

High performing teams are made up of focused, skilled and aligned employees who achieve greatness beyond the sum of their parts. Basketball legend Michael Jordan sums it up well, “talent

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Business Networking

Strong business networks are an extremely valuable asset. This one-day course is specifically designed to make you a better networker by teaching you how to identify appropriate networks and participate

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Change Management

The rate of change today is unprecedented; however, research shows 70% of organisational change programs fail to achieve their goals. The ability to adapt to constant change with agility and

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Coaching and Mentoring

It’s proven that ongoing development of employees can drive engagement, improve performance and reduce attrition. Coaching and mentoring is critical for employees to continually develop their skills and progress their

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a critical managerial skill that is often underrated. This short course explores the factors that drive conflict and ways to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes in

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Design Thinking Essentials

‘Disrupt or be disrupted’ is a common catchphrase for business in the 21st century. To succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment, innovation is critical to compete in almost every

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Effective Communication

In today’s highly matrixed work environment, the number of people you communicate with daily has exploded. With so much of our work hinging on human collaboration and engagement, your ability

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Frontline Leadership

Leadership expert Stephen M. Covey famously said, “leadership is a choice, not a position”. Today’s flatter and more matrixed organisational structures require leadership behaviours be displayed across all levels of

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Implementing Continuous Improvement

In the rapidly evolving business environment, if you are not improving then you are falling behind. The Implementing Continuous Improvement virtual learning series explores the imperative for all organisations to

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Leadership Essentials

In today’s highly complex and digital-first environment, the primary role of leaders is to work as enablers and facilitators for their staff. The Leadership Essentials virtual learning series provides an

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Leading Virtual Teams

Remote work has quickly become a common occurrence in most sectors and industries, making it imperative that managers gain the correct skills to engage and lead their staff from afar.

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Manage Meetings

For the average employee, as much as 37 percent of your work time is spent in meetings. Manage Meetings is designed to help you develop the skills you need to

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Manage Performance Effectively

Optimise your team’s performance by learning proven techniques for consistently delivering results. This short course will uncover ways to successfully manage your own workload and goals while you develop a

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