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The Feedlot TECH Training Hub provides access to core feedlot training courses and resources covering all areas of the feedlot operation, including Livestock, Feeding & Milling, Administration & Office, Farming, Environment, and Maintenance. This training is practical and covers core feedlot skills. The courses can also be easily integrated into daily operations and onsite staff training.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Stewardship in Feedlots

Covers key principles of antimicrobial stewardship including steps to implement plans on your feedlot. Learn from insights from leading feedlot veterinarians, antimicrobial stewardship experts and microbiologists.

Nutrition, Feeding and Milling

Fundamentals of Nutrition, Feeding and Milling

Covers the key skills and responsibilities of operating a feed shed loader or feed vehicle with accuracy and efficiency. This training also covers basic vehicle maintenance checks, hygiene and managing the batching shed and scale check procedures. Additional training modules available soon.  

Bovine Post Morem

Practical Bovine Post Mortem Techniques

Takes you step by step through the process of conducting a post mortem, to enable accurate pathology and disease diagnosis. The modules are a great resource for staff in these areas and serve as a great reference tool.

Cattle Health & Husbandry Practices – How-to Series

Aimed at equipping feedlot staff with practical information to promote responsible use of antimicrobials. This course covers disease diagnosis, treatment administration, interpretation of product labels and record keeping.

Caring for Cattle

Caring for Cattle Video Series

Instructional videos covering low stress stock handling, cattle acclimation techniques, diagnosing health issues and treatments, an introduction to heat stress and basic horse care on feedlots. This series was originally produced by MLA in 2011.

Backgrounding and Induction

Cattle Backgrounding & Induction Video Series

It is important to understand the systems and procedures that occur prior to cattle entry into the feedlot. These processes can enhance the health and performance cattle. This video series aims to ensure your cattle are optimally prepared to enter the feedlot.

Exploring Feedlot Energy

Exploring Feedlot Energy Webinar

This online webinar recording covers how to improve feedlot energy and water use efficiency including using technologies available to feedlot owners and feed mill teams.

Carbon Neutrality

Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality Webinar

This online webinar recording will explore recent research findings related to the feedlot industry’s carbon emissions and our journey to becoming carbon neutral, methane emissions and the national greenhouse gas inventory.

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Feedlots and industry affiliated businesses are recommended to ensure they are registered for online training through Feedlot TECH. This will allow feedlot staff and managers to create an account, access training and be listed in your feedlot group. It also enables managers (with manager access accounts) to view staff training progress and recommend further training if required. Learner and Manager video guides are available to assist you and your staff.

Access to Feedlot TECH and base level training courses and materials are free to access for verified users. As more courses and materials become available a fee may apply to access certain courses and materials.