Work Priorities

It’s time to get back on the front foot and take control of your time at work. This short course offers practical tools to help you set meaningful goals and […]

Time Management

  It was famously said that the great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: “I did not have time.” In today’s fast paced, constantly […]

Resilience in Self

Today’s workplaces are more complex, dynamic and high-pressured than ever before. In this fast-paced environment, it is critical for all employees to develop the skills to effectively manage the ebbs […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

This one-day short course from the Australian Institute of Management will provide an overview of mental health and wellness, defining and contextualising it for the workplace, and exploring common stigma […]

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ability to objectively analyse and evaluate challenges in the ever-changing work environment is vital to success. The complexity of business has increased to the extent that the World Economic […]

Mental Health and Working Remotely

Maintaining a high level of mental health has great benefits for all elements of your life, both private and professional. The Mental Health and Working Remotely virtual learning series provides […]

Resilience During Uncertainty

In times of upheaval, continued success requires calm, considered, and rational behaviour. The Resilience During Uncertainty virtual learning series provides valuable skills and insights to help you navigate situations and […]

Personal Productivity

While it is always valuable to work hard, achieving sustainable long-term results requires you to work smart. The Personal Productivity virtual learning series explores how you can build and sustain […]

ALFA Margin & People Management (MPM) Program

ALFA’s MPM Program is designed to provide lot feeders and industry professionals with a deeper understanding of how to manage a modern feedlot business. Description Skills required to run any successful […]