5 ways we’ll support your professional development

 Professional development. It can sound daunting but these buzzwords simply refer to the ongoing training and education that you need to further your career. 

The goal of professional development is to keep you up-to-date on current trends, your credentials fresh and your skillset sharp. 

The Australian feedlot sector is brimming with individuals, teams, and businesses that tirelessly strive for excellence – for themselves and the industry. And we’re firm believers in recognising their efforts. Here are five awards and scholarships rearing to go to support your professional development: 

  1. Young Lot Feeders Award

Are you an up-and-coming leader, bursting with ideas for a solution to an industry problem (perceived or real) and ready to share them? This prestigious award has your name on it – and so could developmental opportunities valued at $15,450. Entries close June 30, 2023. Apply now. 

  1. ALFA Conference Student Bursary 

Tertiary studies in an agricultural-related field with an interest in the lot feeding sector – we want to give you a conference ticket to SmartBeef in Tamworth, NSW on 11-12 October 2023 and a pass to all social events, worth over $700. Entries close on August 6, 2023. Apply now. 

  1. Australian Rural Leadership Program Scholarship

Feedlot industry representatives looking to enhance their leadership skills are encouraged to apply for this industry scholarship, funded jointly by grain-fed levies and the Australian government. Valued at $55,000 per participant, each scholarship is matched with an applicant aligning with the sponsor’s industry, sector, or purpose. Entries close on August 5, 2023. Apply now. 

  1. ALFA Innovation Competition 

Calling all amateur innovators –  if you have a clever idea or innovation that has been incorporated into your day-to-day operations at the feedlot, we want to hear it. Beyond the considerable bragging rights, you also have the chance to win up to $2,500 in prize money. Entries close June 30, 2023. Apply now. 

  1. ALFA Community Heroes

Does your feedlot donate cattle, feed, or staff to a local campdraft? Do you offer flexible working arrangements so that staff can pitch in on a community initiative? The options are endless, but whatever your initiative, if it contributes to the local community and environment, this one’s for you – and so could a $5,000 cash donation towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative, and the chance to share your story with a national audience. Entries close on August 31, 2023. Apply here.

Most opportunities will be awarded at SmartBeef23.  Grab your tickets from mid-2023.