Game on; earn your first badge today

It’s time to level up your learning, benchmark your skills, and go from ‘rookie’ to ‘master’ thanks to the new gamification points system on Feedlot TECH. 

What is game learning?

eLearning systems are no strangers to gamification. It’s the use of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts. Why? It’s fun, and stimulating, and who doesn’t love a bit of friendly rivalry with your co-workers?

ALFA’s Feedlot Training Project Manager, Emily Litzow, encouraged everyone to take the first step to become a master – and that starts with registering on Feedlot TECH to gain instant rookie status. 

“It’s a great way to encourage completion of courses and engagement in the program,” she said. 

“We really want to encourage users to continually log in to use the benefits of the platform and get some friendly competition happening.” 

The points system allows feedlot employees to compete with both their own colleagues and employees at feedlots across the country. 

If you change feedlots over the course of your career, your ‘passport’ goes with you and your qualifications are easily accessible wherever you are. 

It’s friendly competition at its finest and Emily said the gamification system is set to benefit all feedlot staff. 

“There’s a real degree of self-satisfaction in gaining points by completing courses and being able to see where you are on the leaderboard and trying to increase your position,” she said. 

“Externally, it also demonstrates your ability to build upon your skills in completing courses and demonstrates to your employer or potential employers your application to upskilling and training.

“And who doesn’t love trying to do better than the person sitting next to you!” 

How does it work on Feedlot TECH?

Four elements mark students’ effort in learning and completing courses on Feedlot TECH: 

🪜 Levels mark your invested effort in eLearning

💻 Activities are actions that mark your engagement. For example, log in for 1 point and self-enrol in a course or module – voila, there’s another point. 

📈 Leaderboards and widgets share your achievements across Feedlot TECH

⭐ Badges show your achievements and participation in learning activities. Earn them by;

  • Completing a module (10 points) This includes a webinar, MLA training, or ALFA training
  • Completing a Course (various points based on the number of modules)
  • Feeding and Milling Fundamentals Course (70 points)
  • Livestock Handling Fundamentals Course (70 points)
  • Pen Riding Fundamentals Course (60 points)
  • ALFA training course (50 points)
  • MLA training course (50 points)

Feedlot TECH learning levels 

🙋 Rookie: 50 points

🧍General Hand: 100 points

🏃Leading hand: 200 points

🏆Expert: 500 points

🎆Master: 1000 points