A look into ALFA’s first facilitated training session with Gunnee Feedlot

Gunnee Feedlot was one of the first feedlots to take advantage of ALFA’s new monthly, online training sessions designed to support feedlot staff in completing training in the fundamentals of lot feeding.

From Delungra in northern New South Wales, five staff members joined resident facilitator Jeff House for the first live training session in July. 

They were guided by Jeff through the module on Good Stockmanship, the first within the Fundamentals of Livestock Handling Course on Feedlot TECH. 

Each training session will alternate between courses across the various feedlot departments. While participants are welcome to move on to the next module at their own pace, the monthly training sessions offer an encouraging, group environment to learn and grow.

Learning together

Whether you’ve clocked up more than a few years in the lot feeding sector or you’re fresh out the gate, Gunnee’s Feedlot Manager Mark Byrne said the facilitated training session proved valuable for all feedlot staff. 

“We had one staff member who’s been with us for less than a month, and another who has more than 15 years experience but they all found the video interactions a positive experience and a good way to absorb the information easily,” he said. 

It’s a sentiment echoed by Gunee Feedlot’s Livestock Overseer, Brad Williamson, who has more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

“It was good content provided and we found it beneficial having the instructor going through the training module clarifying information as he progressed,” Brad said. 

“I also found it positive being able to text questions and have them answered throughout the module.” 

Jargon-free zone

For some, the training sessions are an opportunity to discover the wide range of courses available on Feedlot TECH, and for others, they’re a chance to complete unfinished courses in a supportive group environment. 

Livestock hand Abbie Whalan has been in the role for less than six months at Gunnee Feedlot and found the facilitated training suited her learning style. 

“Facilitated training was better for me because you could interact with trainers allowing better information flow,” she said. 

Fellow livestock hands Amelia Sheehan and Debbie Blanch have five years of experience between them and both agreed the “user-friendly” terms and clear delivery method made completing the module a simple, straightforward process. 

What’s up next?

Receive and Dispatch, the second module within the Fundamentals of Livestock Handling Complete Course on Feedlot TECH will be held in late August. 

This online course covers the basics of receiving and dispatching cattle at your feedlot in a way that minimises the stress on the cattle and maximises safety.

Date and time

Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Time: 3:30 – 5pm (AEST)


$330 –  the access fee is per feedlot/business, and covers all staff that wish to partake in the training session.


Feedlots/businesses can register for a session here.  It is important that each staff member who will be completing the training is registered on Feedlot TECH. Post registration, you will receive a Zoom link to save to your calendar and access the training. Those who attend and participate in the session will have their Feedlot TECH training transcript updated automatically.