Join Feedlot TECH’s new monthly training sessions

ALFA is launching monthly, online training sessions designed to support feedlot staff in completing training in the fundamentals of lot feeding.

Feedlots across the country are encouraged to register groups of staff members for the monthly sessions, to be led by resident facilitator, Jeff House. 

For some, the training sessions will be an opportunity to discover the wide range of courses available on Feedlot TECH; for others it’s a chance to complete unfinished courses in a supportive group environment. 

Each session will run for approximately 1-1.5 hours and participants will end the session having completed all tasks required for the module. 

Feed Shed Loader Operator up next

Join Jeff in August for the next round of live training sessions, as he guides you and the team through the module Feed Shed Loader Operator, the first within the Fundamentals of Feedlot Nutrition, Feeding and Milling Operations Complete Course on Feedlot TECH. 

“It’s aimed at people who are newer to the industry, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even experienced people couldn’t pick something valuable up out of the training,” Jeff said. 

“We will work through it as a group, at the same pace, with the aim that we’ll get the whole group from the feedlot through and signed off as having completed that individual module.”

This online course covers the basics in loader operation, walking you through the role of operating the loader safely and efficiently in the feed shed, pre-start and safety checks, feed shed organisation, correct ration batching processes and clean-up and shed hygiene.

After completion of the online training, an on-the-ground competency assessment is available via Feedlot TECH so staff can demonstrate their skills and competency in this area.

Going further, together 

Each training session will alternate between courses across the various feedlot departments, and while participants are welcome to move on to the next course at their own pace, Jeff said the monthly training sessions offer an encouraging, group environment to learn and grow. 

“Most feedlot staff learn most effectively in a group type setting, rather than sitting at a computer and working through it themselves, so that’s really our aim to help with facilitated training,” Jeff said. 

Date and time

Date: Thursday, 3rd of August 2023

Time: 3:30 – 5pm (AEST)


$330 –  the access fee is per feedlot/business, and covers all staff that wish to partake in the training session.


Feedlots/businesses can enrol all staff here. It is important that each staff member who will be completing the training is registered on Feedlot TECH. Post registration, you will receive a Zoom link to save to your calendar and access the training. Those who attend and participate in the session will have their Feedlot TECH training transcript updated automatically.