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Providing you with the training, education and career pathways to unlock the gate to your lot feeding career.

Feedlot TECH is the home of all feedlot-specific skills training and careers information.

The industry attracts passionate people who care for cattle and work to maintain a sustainable environment. Feedlots produce high quality, grain fed beef.

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People are one of the most important parts of a feedlot operation. Feedlots value teamwork, a strong work-ethic and a willingness to learn. There are opportunities for people with an array of skills, qualifications and experience.

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The lot feeding sector is very proud of its skilled workforce. Best practice education and training is available to all feedlot employees. The Feedlot TECH Training Hub has practical, online training to help you up-skill and improve your feedlot practices. Training and professional development courses are available to help take your feedlot knowledge and leadership skills to the next level.


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Game on; earn your first badge today

It’s time to level up your learning, benchmark your skills, and go from ‘rookie’ to ‘master’ thanks to the new gamification points system on Feedlot TECH.  What is game learning? eLearning systems are no strangers

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