Study in a way that suits you with RuralBiz Training

Feedlots across the country are putting a huge focus on training and education. Staff progress in their careers and feedlots improve their efficiency. It’s a win-win – and RuralBiz Training is front and centre. 

RuralBiz Training is a training organisation based in Dubbo, New South Wales, and offers tertiary courses relevant to the lot feeding industry via Feedlot TECH. 

Their current training scope includes all units of competency in Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diplomas of both Agriculture and Agribusiness Management.

Building a long-lasting lot-feeding sector

Chief executive officer, Sarah Mosley, holds qualifications in both Business Administration and Management, and is passionate about agriculture and education – and advancing the lot feeding sector across Australia. 

“Higher education is crucial to the agricultural industry to build resilient, profitable, and sustainable agricultural communities through the development of a highly skilled and qualified workforce,” she said. 

“In the lot feeding sector, we’re seeing an increased emphasis on technology, sustainability, biosecurity, and livestock health & welfare management, which is driving demand for skilled workers.”

Higher education, higher opportunities 

The feedlot industry attracts passionate people who care for cattle and work to maintain a sustainable environment. Feedlot staff are hardworking, enthusiastic, open-minded, and willing to learn. 

The sector is diverse, with many different roles available to suit an array of skills, qualifications, and experience. RuralBiz Training is dedicated to helping lot-feeding professionals progress their careers and reach their full potential. 

“Quality training resulting in nationally recognised qualifications helps identify workers who have developed a high level of expertise in their industry and who have made a commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement,” Sarah said. 

“These candidates are highly sought after for a range of supervisory and management roles across the agriculture and agribusiness sector.”

Learn where you are, when you can

Physical distance has previously been a barrier for many in the agricultural sector when it comes to training and education. After all, the farm doesn’t stop for anyone. 

But RuralBiz Training has developed a proven model of flexible online learning where students base their coursework on the farm/agricultural enterprise they work with, mitigating the need for travel and time away from the farm. 

“Our learning model removes barriers to accessing training in regionally dispersed markets allowing participants to develop skills that are relevant to their farm business or community,” Sarah said. 

“Students are surprised at how practical and relevant our courses are to their enterprise and how rapidly they can apply their learning to make tangible improvements on their farm.”

I’m ready. What RuralBiz Training courses are available on Feedlot TECH? 

🧑‍🎓 Certificate IV in Agriculture

Gain a nationally recognised qualification from wherever you are. This course is designed to build your agriculture skills and knowledge and is suitable for farmworkers progressing their careers towards supervisor or team leader positions. You have up to two years to complete this course in a self-paced online format. More information and registration. 

🧑‍💻Certificate IV in Agribusiness

This qualification reflects the role of workers who are responsible for the administration and day-to-day business operations of an agricultural or horticultural production enterprise. You have two years to complete it and RuralBiz estimates the total learning time may be up to 20 hours per week for some students. More information and registration. 

💡Diploma of Agriculture 

Build farm management skills and gain a nationally recognised qualification. This course is designed for farm managers or emerging leaders who would like to improve their farm management skills. More information and registration. 

🧑‍💼 Diploma of Agribusiness Management

This course is designed for farm managers or emerging leaders who would like to improve their business management skills. At this level, workers take personal responsibility and exercise autonomy in undertaking complex work. More information and registration. 

📊 Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management 

This course is designed for experienced managers who would like to further their decision-making and strategic planning skills. It reflects the need for agribusiness-specific expertise in planning and analysis, managing supply chains, and financial and human resource management together with an emphasis on return on investment. More information and registration.

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