Feedlot TECH in action: Coonamble Feedlot

Coonamble Feedlot is one of hundreds of feedlots across Australia embracing Feedlot TECH to help train, educate, and equip staff with feedlot-specific skills and knowledge.

Coonamble Feedlot manager Sue Barnard (Second from left). Credit: Coonamble Times. 

Sue Barnard has been the manager at Coonamble Feedlot for four years and has enjoyed a lengthy career in the lot feeding industry. We caught up with Sue to talk about all things training.

How does Coonamble Feedlot use Feedlot TECH to upskill its team? 

“We offer the Feedlot TECH training to our staff pretty much whenever we have an opportunity,” Sue said. “Whether it’s thanks to rainy, cold weather or staff off work due to injury, we utilise that time for them to upskill themselves. When we offer it to staff during work hours, it adds value and they’re more encouraged to do the training.

How do staff benefit from Feedlot TECH?

Caption: Coonamble Feedlot staff has been embracing Feedlot TECH. Credit: Coonamble Times.

Sue explained that at Coonamble Feedlot, they encourage staff to complete training in a range of different areas so they can get an overall understanding of the whole operation.

“It really gives everyone a better understanding of what happens in the whole business – not just the area they’re working in at the time. The younger staff in particular have really embraced it, and they’re loving it.

Is there a crowd favourite course? 

“The stockies definitely like the animal welfare courses. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the Feeding and Milling series because it confirms what you see practically, but also gives you a solid understanding of why you’re doing the tests and the importance of getting them right.”

Best piece of Feedlot TECH feedback?

Sue said the team utilised Feedlot TECH to help a staff member who was new to lot feeding
“Just by doing different courses in Feedlot TECH, the staff member said what she learned in theory helped make what we put in practice make sense.”