What opportunities lie ahead?

Bold. Innovative. Visionaries. The feedlot industry is brimming with talented, proactive individuals committed to the continuous improvement of the feedlot industry now and well into the future. Sound like you? Now could be your turn for glory. 

To acknowledge and reward the ALFA members and/or their employees who aspire to develop themselves and industry practices, the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) offers opportunities via its Recognition of Excellence Awards & Scholarship Program. 

The program features a suite of industry awards and scholarships – and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out in an entry-level role or you’ve reached an executive position, there are opportunities available at every point in your career journey.

Key dates: Applications for each industry award and scholarship open from May, 2023. Applications close between July and October, 2023. 

Not sure what to apply for? Find out what we recommend according to your career stage.

EMERGING LEADERS (0-3 years experience)

  • Student Conference Scholarship

How does attending the feedlot industry’s premier technical conference, Smartbeef sound? Even better when the conference ticket and ticket to all social events are on us. That’s the ticket. Apply here.

RISING LEADERS (3+ years experience)

  • Young Lot Feeders Award​

Are you an up-and-coming leader, brimming with ideas for a solution to an industry problem (perceived or real) and keen to tell us all about it? This prestigious award is for you. And so could developmental opportunities to the value of $15,450. Apply here.

  • TRAIL: Emerging Leaders Program Scholarship

ALFA, in conjunction with MLA, sponsors two feedlot industry professionals to attend the Training Rural Australians In Leadership (TRAIL) Program each year. The scholarship is worth $10,450 per position. If you’re an emerging leader, keen to learn more, and can show us how you intend to use your increased leadership knowledge for the betterment of the feedlot industry and/or your employer Apply here.

Margin and People Management Program

The MPM Program boasts a strong alumni network of over 140 lot feeders and industry professionals, many of whom are now prominent industry leaders. The training is aimed at feedlot employees who aspire to become a manager or gain a leadership role in their business. It’s also valuable for employees who already manage a number of staff. Apply here.

EXPERIENCED LEADERS (10+ years experience)

  • Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) Scholarship​

If you are a leader in the lot feeding industry and have a genuine commitment to the greater good of rural, regional, and remote Australia, you should apply. The application process for the ARLP is competitive and rigorous – for good reason. Only 25 to 30 funded places are available via scholarships from industry sponsors (like ALFA and MLA). Valued at $55,000 per participant, each scholarship is matched with an applicant aligning with the sponsor’s industry, sector, or purpose. Apply here.


Australian Feedlot of the Year

Small, medium, or large. Family-run or a corporate operation, the competition is open to all NFAS-accredited feedlots and designed to find the very best of the best. All entrants receive individual and highly valuable benchmarking feedback and the winner in each size category receives a keepsake trophy and branding collateral. Apply here.

  • Community Heroes Award

Have you donated cattle, feed or staff to a local campdraft? Do you offer flexible working arrangements so that staff can pitch in on a community initiative? Is your feedlot working with the local council to improve parks in your area? Whatever it is, if it contributes to the local community and environment, this one’s for you – and so could a $5,000 cash donation towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative, and the chance to share your story with a national audience. Apply here.

  • Award for Innovation

Calling all amateur innovators! If you have a clever idea or innovation that has been incorporated into your day-to-day operations at the feedlot, tell us about it by nominating it in the ALFA Award for Innovation. Beyond the considerable bragging rights, you also have the chance to win up to $2,500 in prize money! Apply here.

Most opportunities will be awarded at SmartBeef23. Grab your tickets from mid-2023.