ALFA’s going undercover, and wants you to join them

Registrations are closing soon for the ‘Going Under Cover’ shade and housing systems feedlot tour.

The all-inclusive four-day tour will run from May 8-11 and is a joint ALFA and MLA initiative. The tour will feature visits to multiple feedlots, as well as a dairy to review a variety of shade and covered housing systems fit for Australian feedlots. 

Learn from industry experts about the planning, implementation, and benefits of feedlot shade and covered housing systems. Hear first-hand from lot feeders on their experiences and learnings and receive access to resources including best practice design guides, feedlot shade, and covered housing specialists, manufacturers, and retailers. Register here.


Who will benefit?

Feedlot owners and those interested in advancements in shade design to improve animal welfare and productivity in feedlots. If you’re interested in improving your feedlot operation or are looking to upgrade existing structures and are seeking information and resources to assist, then this tour is for you.

What does the registration include?

Three nights’ accommodation, bus travel, meals, and presentations from industry experts, shade manufacturers, and other lot feeders. Travel expenses to/from pick-up and drop-off points are not included. 

How much does it cost?

Members: $1,500 + GST 

Non-members: $1,800 + GST 

Can I use my own transportation?

All delegates must travel on the tour bus. No other cars will be allowed, unless by special request. Please email with any inquiries. 

Register here.