Meet the chefs of the feedlot industry

Like a restaurant, every feedlot needs chefs and waiters, so to speak. Known as the feeding and milling team, they play an essential role in delivering the right ratios, determining ‘bunk calls’ and managing stocktakes. So what does it mean to be in the feeding and milling team on a feedlot?

Red Meat, Green Facts

Red Meat, Green Facts

The Australian red meat industry is not just ‘green’ in our care for the environment – we are sustainable, we care for our livestock and play an important role in […]

MLA Best Practice Grain Processing Manual

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This manual, specifically for Australian feedlot cattle aims to describe the best practice grain processing methods and technologies. This document is only available from MLA in hardcopy form. Please enquire […]

Manabotix DeliverEase

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A prototype feed truck auto-delivery system is developed to ensure a more consistent and efficient delivery of feed into bunks. Led by Manabotix. Download Resource

Manabotix Bunk Scanner

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An update of the on-site evaluations of a new autonomous robot for manoeuvring a feed bunk scanner around a feedlot, developed by Manabotix. Download Resource

Heat Load in Feedlot Cattle

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This document covers the risks associated with excessive heat load, managing heat load in feedlot cattle and the key benefits for production. Download Resource