Top 25 lotfeeders in Australia revealed

Beef Central’s Top 25 Lotfeeders report for 2023 has arrived with a bang. It’s the deepest dive into the lay of the land in Australia’s lotfeeding sector since the inaugural report was published in 2015.

A lot can change in eight years and that’s certainly the case for the lotfeeding industry. The Top 25 Lotfeeders report, made possible by Zoetis Australia, details the shape, size, and direction the industry has undergone since the initial analysis.

Research for the Top 25 goes far beyond a simple Google search. Instead, close to 50 feedlot operators in five states were directly contacted. This allowed them to be either ruled out or included in the ranking. 

The feature includes a comprehensive statistical table outlining the biggest lotfeeders based on one-time operational capacity. Cattle turnover and the number of feedlots held by the operator are also included. The spotlight is on the major trends and issues the Australian lotfeeding industry is facing and you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth in the individual profiles on each of the Top 25 entrants. 

Snapshot of the Top 25 trends

  • The big get bigger
  • Major investments in shade and grain processing since the initial analysis
  • Wagyu influence changing lotfeeding footprint
  • Youth in management and crew in Australian lotfeeding – what’s driving the change?

It’s big. It’s important. And it’s not going anywhere. The Top 25 statistical list and feature articles will remain permanently on Beef Central for all future reference needs.