Project Management Fundamentals

Provided by: Australian Institute of Management

In today’s increasingly matrixed work environment, managing projects that cross job functions, geographies, and seniority is increasingly commonplace. Yet it is estimated that up to 70% of projects do not meet their original objectives, stay within their defined scope, schedule or agreed-to budget.

AIM’s Project Management Fundamentals course covers an end-to-end project lifecycle based on the application of the critical knowledge areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge – PMBoK®. It’s designed to provide you with practical, up-to-date perspective of the basics of project management and how you can use them to manage a variety of common business, and life, projects.

You will learn to scope, plan, lead and manage a project, including scheduling, budgeting and managing risk until the project closes. You’ll also address the common reasons projects fail and how to overcome them.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop project management plans
  • Define project scope and boundaries
  • Implement project schedules
  • Manage budgets, quality and risk
  • Manage stakeholders and communication plans
  • Finalise and report on projects


Entry or Workplace Requirements

There are no entry or workplace requirements to attend this course.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

2 day On-Campus Workshop (face-to-face)

Campus Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide


$1,525.00 (includes 10% Feedlot TECH discount)

Australian Institute of Management

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