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The Feedlot TECH Library provides resources to assist Australian lot feeders in daily feedlot operations.

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MLA produces a Quarterly Feedlot E-Newsletter for feedlot stakeholders. This provides an update on current and completed feedlot R&D, grain fed beef marketing, MLA/ALFA feedlot events, technologies and best practice management strategies for the feedlot sector. All MLA R&D reports and publications can also be found through MLA.

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Red Meat, Green Facts

Red Meat, Green Facts

The Australian red meat industry is not just ‘green’ in our care for the environment – we are sustainable, we care for our livestock and play an important role in

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Welfare Benefits of Shade

This document explores what animal welfare means, the benefits of providing shade, and understanding the thermal regulation and shade seeking behaviours of cattle. Information in regard to cattle responses to

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Woodchip Bedding R&D Update

This project by MLA, in consultation with ALFA, to determine the effects of graded levels of woodchip during wet feedlot conditions on cattle performance and welfare. Download Resource

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