Training Provider Application

Feedlot TECH provides a ‘Directory’ of training and opportunities relevant to the feedlot industry. Annually, a training review is conducted to identify and assess suitable training providers and courses for listing on Feedlot TECH. An independent review panel is used to assess training against set criteria. Any training provider who provides training applicable for the lot feeding sector is encouraged to apply for review and listing on Feedlot TECH.

Feedlot TECH is easy and relatable for current and prospective employees to access and utilise. Through the involvement of external training providers, we can provide career driven individuals with extensive training opportunities and information to enhance their careers and positively progress in the Australian Feedlot Industry.

To apply, please download the application template below and complete the required information on the Training Provider and course/training offerings. Submit the completed template and any supporting documents through the submission form below.

Please note: NO registration/enrolment to your course occurs through Feedlot TECH; there is a link directly to your website for more information and training registration/enrolment.

Please contact Feedlot TECH if you have any further questions.