Pen Riding Fundamentals

Pen Riding Fundamentals Do you want to make a real difference in the health and wellbeing of cattle at your feedlot? Pen riding is a critical skill that ensures the […]

ALFA/MLA Feedlot Shade Research Webinar

The webinar extends the research findings of MLA Research Projects in relation to feedlot shade structures suitable for Australian feedlots. This workshop will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in […]

Red Meat, Green Facts

Red Meat, Green Facts

The Australian red meat industry is not just ‘green’ in our care for the environment – we are sustainable, we care for our livestock and play an important role in […]

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

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The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework defines sustainable beef production in the Australian context and tracks the industry’s performance in addressing key priorities against a series of indicators annually. It was […]

Bovine Respiratory Disease

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Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is produced through the complex interaction of pathogens with animal, environmental and management risk factors. This document is a summary of BRD preventative practices. Download Resource

MLA Parasite Atlas

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The cattle parasite atlas is a regional guide to cattle parasite identification and best practice control in Australia. Download Resource

HGP Best Practice Guide

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Hormone growth promotants (HGPs), promote cattle growth. This guide assists lot feeders to understand the uses and effects of HGPs, and assists with best practice implementation. Download Resource