ALFA Margin & People Management (MPM) Program

Provided by: Australian Lot Feeders’ Association

ALFA’s MPM Program is designed to provide lot feeders and industry professionals with a deeper understanding of how to manage a modern feedlot business.


Skills required to run any successful business include people management and an understanding of business financials. Therefore, the MPM Program sessions cover topics such as basic financial margin management, time management, setting priorities, human behaviour and how to work more effectively with other people, especially in difficult situations.

The MPM Program was established in 2008. The Program now boasts a strong alumni network of over 100 lot feeders and industry professionals, many of whom are now prominent industry leaders.

The Program is run annually over several months, delivered through 4 x 2-day training sessions to a maximum of 10-15 participants. The group gathers three times in Sydney for the sessions delivered by a range of facilitators; the final session is a feedlot tour, where participants hear from Feedlot Managers who have graduated from the Program.

​The training is aimed at feedlot employees and industry professionals who aspire to becoming a Manager or gaining a leadership role in their business. It is also valuable for those employees who already manage several staff and are looking to gain further skills in people management or perhaps seeking a better understanding of general business management.

Course Outcomes / Program Outline

Session 1 – People and General Management
Day 1:    

  • Understand how people are different
  • Develop confident self-awareness
  • Learn to identify the styles of others
  • Modify behaviour based on other people’s style

​Day 2:    

  • Involve team members in planning and decision making while supporting them to take responsibility for their own work.
  • Ensure your own contribution serves as a role model for your team
  • Develop team cohesion and a high-performance culture
  • Work with the team to resolve issues, concerns and problems

Session 2 – Financial Management and Presentation Training

Day 1:    

  • Apply the fundamentals of financial management in the workplace
  • Understand the main accounting terms, including recognising the difference between cash and accrual accounting
  • Interpret the main financial statements and make decisions that are in the financial interest of your organisation
  • Calculate the key financial ratios and understand the results so you can identify significant issues, prepare recommendations and apply strategies to improve cash flow

Day 2:    

  • How to deliver presentations with real impact
  • How to overcome fears and deal with anxiety
  • Understand how to tailor presentations to the audience
  • How to structure the presentation content for added clarity

Session 3 – People and Commodity Management

Day 1:    

  • How to work effectively with others
  • Refresher and build upon earlier first sessions
  • Day 2:    
  • Commodity management
  • Crisis Management, preparedness and de-escalation
  • Advocacy

Session 4 – Feedlot Tour  

  • See other operations, unlike their own
  • Hear from industry leaders, MPM graduates
  • Graduation lunch

Training Location

Sydney (NSW) and a regional feedlot tour.

Delivery Method

Face-to-face – delivered through 4 x 2-day training sessions throughout the year. Program is run annually.

Key Dates

Registrations open: June 2021

Registrations close: August 2021

2021 Course Dates: TBC – Commences in September 2021 and finishes in April 2022

Company / Organization

Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA)
Level 5, 131 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW, 2000
Phone: 02 9290 3700

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