ALFA/MLA Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality Webinar – Recording

Provided by: Australian Lot Feeders’ Association, Meat & Livestock Australia

Understanding your feedlot’s carbon footprint, how to calculate it, and the opportunities available to reduce or offset carbon emissions. 

This webinar was presented on the 12th May 2021.

Viewing this webinar recording will benefit feedlot owners and operators. 


  • Maik Kindermann, 3NOP Inventor
  • Dr Stephen Wiedemann, Integrity Ag & Environment
  • Dr Amelia de Almeida, University of New England
  • Daryl Savage, NAPCO Wainui Feedlot QLD
  • Joe McMeniman, Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Doug McNicholl, Meat & Livestock Australia

Topics covered: 

  • Our industry footprint – Understanding the feedlot industry’s baseline carbon emissions 
  • Carbon neutrality – Introducing the Carbon Neutral Booklet
  • 3NOP Feed Additives – Interpreting the research 
  • Case studies, a lot feeder’s perspective – How reducing/offsetting carbon on site has made a difference
  • Carbon offset modelling – Price premiums on retail product 

Training Location and Delivery method

Online Training course, delivered via the Feedlot TECH Training Hub. Approximately 1 hour in length. 


Free to all feedlots, employees and industry associated individuals. 

To access training 

Sign in or create an account on the Feedlot TECH Training Hub to access online feedlot specific skills training. To create an account on the Training Hub, click ‘sign up now’ on the login page, determine a password, confirm you email address and complete the verification form. When prompted, enter your feedlot NFAS or Group Number to ensure fast verification and access to training. 

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This webinar is proudly delivered by the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), and sponsored by DSM. 


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