Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management

Organisations in every industry are looking for individuals with the right management capabilities and real leadership potential. That’s why this comprehensive qualification is designed to enhance your key skills and knowledge as a manager while providing you with the expert insights you need to become an effective leader. You’ll learn to apply appropriate judgment and initiative in order to respond to complex situations and deliver consistent results, no matter which organisation you work for or the industry you’re in. You’ll also develop the vital cognitive and communication skills that will allow you to analyse information from a variety of sources and effectively communicate that knowledge to your team members and colleagues as well as your superiors and senior leaders.

If you’re accountable for key business objectives, either as an individual or as the leader of a team, the BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is the qualification for you. It’s been designed for those professionals who are required to apply specialised leadership and management knowledge and skills and enables them to effectively leverage their professional experience. It’s also designed to enable you to apply creative and conceptual skills, express ideas and respond appropriately to complex problems.

Course Outcomes and Units Achieved

Achievement of the Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB60420) requires the completion of 10 units (5 core units and 5 elective units).

Core units

  • BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change – determine strategic change requirements and opportunities, and develop, implement, and evaluate change management strategies.
  • BSBLDR602 Provide leadership across the organisation – demonstrate senior leadership behaviour as well as personal and professional competence in inspiring and motivating others.
  • BSBOPS601 Develop and implement business plans – lead a business operation that covers the steps required to develop and implement business plans.
  • BSBSTR601 Manage innovation and continuous improvement – sustain and develop an environment in which continuous improvement, innovation, and learning are promoted and rewarded.
  • BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving – apply critical thinking in order to develop effective solutions to complex issues arising in the workplace.


Pre-selected elective units

  • BSBSTR602 Develop organisational strategies – establish the strategic direction of the organisation, enhance competitiveness, and sustain these advantages, and implement the strategic plan with specific actions and initiatives.
  • BSBSTR801 Lead innovative thinking and practice – generate, lead, and sustain innovative organisational thinking and practice specific to industry or community context.
  • BSBHRM615 Contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion strategies – develop objectives and strategies that contribute towards diversity and inclusion within the organisation as well as monitor and evaluate trends and processes.
  • BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy – assess whether the organisation is fulfilling the objectives of its digital strategy according to relevant performance indicators.
  • BSBCMM511 Communicate with influence – demonstrate ideas and concepts, negotiate persuasively, lead and participate in meetings, and make presentations to customers, clients, and other key stakeholders.


Entry or Workplace Requirements

Students must be over 18 years old, have an education level minimum year 12 or Certificate IV. They must also have work experience and access to workplace, be technologically literate and be proficient in English.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

Online or Blended (face-to-face and online) training.

This course takes 12 months to compete.


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