What are you missing by not using Feedlot TECH?

Key points:

  • Since the launch of Feedlot TECH in July 2021, 279 feedlot businesses have registered to use the platform.
  • There are currently 481 individual users enrolled on the Feedlot TECH platform.
  • Feedlot TECH offers 15 feedlot-specific training courses, including webinar recordings and other formats.


The need for feedlot-specific training has long been a conversation within the Australian lot feeding industry, but if the uptake of Feedlot TECH is anything to go by, the need has certainly been met.

Since the launch of Feedlot TECH in July 2021, almost 300 businesses have registered on the platform, using it in their endeavours to attract, develop and retain passionate and skilled employees.

Offering training opportunities, career pathways, feedlot resources and industry updates, the benefits of the platform are clear; and users are encouraging other businesses, and current and prospective employees, to get on board.

Currently the highest user of the platform, the Stockyard Group has a workforce of 61 people and uses Feedlot TECH for training staff, particularly new members of the team, and keeping up to date with new information.

Stockyard’s People and Culture Manager Lauren McNally said the platform fits well within their training and development process.

“We have a lot of general training and safety training, however the feedlot-specific training is a great complement to our core induction pack and training framework,” Ms McNally said.

“The feedlot skills required have largely been undervalued within a lot of external training curriculums and environments, however these skills are vital for all new staff to learn as well as understanding why we learn them.

“Feedlot TECH is also a great platform for future learning, and career resources and networks within this sector.”

Ms McNally said the platform caters to the diversity of people and range of skill levels they have within their workforce.

“It is a great training platform for teams to get involved with as well as being a great tool for up-to-date ALFA resources and online community hub,” she said.

“Businesses and individuals who are not yet using the platform should definitely get on board.”

Feedlot TECH is an initiative of Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA), in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), and now offers 15 courses, inclusive of webinars and other formats.

There are currently 481 individual users enrolled in courses across the platform. Included in that cohort are the team at Lillyvale Feedlot, with a total of 23 users. All have enrolled in at least one course, with one learner enrolling in 11 courses.

Lillyvale Feedlot Operations Manager Amanda Weeden said the platform complements their induction training program, in addition to allowing all staff access to the most up-to-date information available to the feedlot industry.

“New staff, as part of their induction, complete relevant training. The platform offers the basics for the task and skills required for working within the feedlot,” Ms Weeden said.

“Current staff also complete courses throughout their employment to be on the forefront of available information.”

Employing approximately 60 full-time staff and contractors between the feedlot and farming divisions, Ms Weeden said it’s important that the Lillyvale team is “skilled and trained in the latest available practises and information that the industry offers”.

“Besides the cattle, employees are what make our business successful. This is why Feedlot Tech is so important to our industry,” she said.

“Our employees are passionate and engaged, and constantly looking for ways to improve their skills and knowledge of the industry.

“By offering feedlot-specific training, it gives staff the relevant knowledge and skills they need to complete their jobs efficiently.  

“And staff that have minimal or no knowledge of lot feeding acquire the basic skills they need to be a fundamental part of our team.”

Asked what she would say to other individuals and businesses who are not yet using Feedlot TECH, Ms Weeden said: “Why are you waiting?  Even the most experienced staff will get something out of it.”