Upskill in HR & Management Training to Benefit Staff

With the growth of feedlot teams and businesses, feedlots have seen the need and benefit of broadening training topics and areas to support staff as an essential resource. Recently, there has been a greater emphasis from feedlots on Human Resources, Operations and Business management training. Businesses are working to support their staff as their greatest asset, and ensuring trained individuals are available to manage workforce planning, employee skill and performance development, staff wellbeing and employee relations. This all contributes to a stable, happy workforce with increased performance for the feedlot business.

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) offers a range of courses and qualifications that can assist feedlot staff to upskill in this training area. AIM courses cover disciplines including Human Resources, Communication, Finance, Project Management and Leadership and Strategy. These courses are available for all career and skill levels, and you can choose between learning online, through virtual live learning experiences or face to face in one of AIM’s campuses across Australia. This allows anyone across the feedlot industry to complete courses to benefit and enhance their professional and career development.

As a finalist in the ALFA 2021 Excellence in Feedlot Education Medal, Annabelle Madden completed a Diploma of Human Resource Management with AIM to assist in her role as an HR & Communications Assistant on a feedlot. Annabelle said,

“Completing the AIM HR Qualification enabled me to bring valuable HR knowledge to the workplace.”

Annabelle identified how this training assisted her and the feedlot to create up to date policies, training modules and formal guidelines surrounding how operations are to be handled according to best practice.

“This course helped me to provide the best possible HR administration to support staff and be confident of feedlot compliance with relevant legislation,” said Annabelle.

The AIM HR Qualification also highlights the importance of looking after employees and their mental health and provides information on how to implement programs to assist and support staff.

“The knowledge and experience I gained from the AIM training course helped me to support the feedlot and now progress my career to take on a new role in the agriculture industry.”

AIM offers all feedlots and staff a minimum 10% discount on course enrolments. Book and enrol in courses now to be ready to start training and upskilling in 2022!

To find out more about AIM courses, visit and search for the Australian Institute of Management training under the Feedlot TECH Courses and Professional Development pages.

Contact the AIM – Feedlot TECH Account Manager for further information and to confirm your discount.

Geordie Weber

Feedlot TECH Account Manager

Phone: 02 9956 3963 / 0449 612 131



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