ALFA/MLA Feedlot Shade Research Webinar

The webinar extends the research findings of MLA Research Projects in relation to feedlot shade structures suitable for Australian feedlots. This workshop will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in […]

Moving towards carbon neutrality

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Getting in front of emerging consumer perceptions is essential to maintain beef as a trusted source of protein on dining tables around the world. In recent times, there has been […]

Using manure for biogas production

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Beef feedlot manure is a potentially good feedstock for biogas production; however, good manure management is a central issue. This document explores the Biogas technology benefits to lot feeders and […]

Woodchip Bedding R&D Update

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This project by MLA, in consultation with ALFA, to determine the effects of graded levels of woodchip during wet feedlot conditions on cattle performance and welfare. Download Resource

Manabotix DeliverEase

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A prototype feed truck auto-delivery system is developed to ensure a more consistent and efficient delivery of feed into bunks. Led by Manabotix. Download Resource

Manabotix Bunk Scanner

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An update of the on-site evaluations of a new autonomous robot for manoeuvring a feed bunk scanner around a feedlot, developed by Manabotix. Download Resource

Welfare Benefits of Shade

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This document explores what animal welfare means, the benefits of providing shade, and understanding the thermal regulation and shade seeking behaviours of cattle. Information in regard to cattle responses to […]