Report Writing

Reports. We all need to write them, but how do you make yours stand out? In this one-day course you’ll learn how to produce effective high-quality reports and documents. Explore step by step everything you should consider to make your reports credible, well organised and clearly presented – including how to plan, research, structure and display your information to best engage your audience.

If your role involves written communication or you’re simply looking to develop your professional writing skills, this is a valuable course for you and your career.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Use industry-leading techniques to create reports and informative documents that are well organised and clearly presented
  • Plan and produce high quality written communications by paying particular attention to the structure to ensure correct information flow
  • Choose an appropriate writing style that suits the audience for the report as well as the goals of your organisation
  • Determine methods for gathering and organising information before presenting issues and recommendations within your report


Entry or Workplace Requirements

There are no entry or workplace requirements to attend this course.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

1 day On-Campus Workshop (face-to-face)

Campus Locations: Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide


$805.00 (includes 10% Feedlot TECH discount)

Australian Institute of Management

Geordie Weber
Feedlot TECH Account Manager
Phone: 02 9956 3963 / 0449 612 131

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