Carbon 101

Overview This module will provide foundational information about carbon farming and greenhouse gases relevant to agriculture (including the carbon cycle), as well as give you an understanding of the language […]

ALFA/MLA Feedlot Shade Research Webinar

The webinar extends the research findings of MLA Research Projects in relation to feedlot shade structures suitable for Australian feedlots. This workshop will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in […]

Antimicrobial Stewardship in Feedlots

In Australian feedlots, antimicrobials play an important role in helping us manage the health and welfare of cattle under our care. Concerns about reduced antimicrobial effectiveness, coupled with fewer new […]

ALFA/MLA Exploring Feedlot Energy Webinar – recording

Understanding the technologies available to improve water and energy usage and efficiency on feedlots. This 1.5hours online webinar was delivered on 24th March 2021. This workshop will benefit feedlot owners/operators and feed […]

Cattle Backgrounding & Induction Video Series

The Cattle Backgrounding and Induction video series outlines the processes that occur prior to cattle entering the feedlot environment. It is important to understand the systems and procedures that occur […]

Caring for Cattle Video Series

The Caring for Cattle Video Series outlines key cattle health and husbandry practices on the feedlot. This video series covers:  Basic low stress stock handling on horse and on foot […]