Nourishing cattle, land and communities

- Grain Fed Beef Website

The Australian grain fed beef sector is proud to launch a new platform to showcase the quality attributes of grain fed beef production in Australia that will allow the sector to tell its authentic story on how they nourish cattle, land and communities. is a dedicated resource that supports the many grain fed beef producers, suppliers and consumers who proudly produce, market and consume the delicious, nutritious and consistent quality beef.

The site and Instagram account [@grainfedbeef] delivers tantalising stories on how grain fed beef is produced and how people like to enjoy the tender, juicy flavours that is consistent with grain fed beef.

The site covers sought after topics including animal welfare, environment, production, product, nutrition, and people.

The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA), in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia, worked with lot feeders, restaurateurs and chefs to bring to life.

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