Manage Meetings

Provided by: Australian Institute of Management

For the average employee, as much as 37 percent of your work time is spent in meetings. Manage Meetings is designed to help you develop the skills you need to facilitate and organise meetings that are efficient, effective and engaging for yourself and participants.

In today’s busy organisations where time is a precious commodity, this course offers you current and proven ways to maximise your time. It begins with the value of identifying the purpose of your meeting, knowing if a meeting will be beneficial; when, how and where to schedule it and who best to invite.

Learn to establish practical rules of engagement and maintain a safe and productive environment for face-to-face or virtual meetings. Ensure everyone at the meeting contributes by fostering dynamic and purposeful exchanges.

This course is for anyone that wants more productive and impactful meetings.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Prepare and conduct productive meetings
  • Establish a plan and process to achieve desired meeting outcomes
  • Conduct focused and time-efficient meetings
  • Identify processes and issues that help or hinder contributions
  • Facilitate discussions, problem solving and resolution of issues
  • Develop guidelines for meaningful agendas and minutes.


Entry or Workplace Requirements

There are no entry or workplace requirements to attend this course.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

Face-to-face: 1 day on Campus Workshop

Campus Locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra


$805.50 (includes 10% Feedlot TECH discount)

Australian Institute of Management

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