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As Livestock Manager your role will contribute to the success of AACo through coordinating the schedule of cattle movements once on site and ensuring all processes support compliance and accuracy for audit and internal reporting needs.

The Livestock Manager is responsible for the supervision of all aspects of livestock management at the feedlot. They must lead management of the feedlot staff, set goals and strategic direction to achieve all production targets and to provide cattle to customers that meets their requirements for quality and food safety. Supporting Intensive Livestock Administration and other general operational duties as required.

Key Responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Supervise intake schedule of animals into the feedlot
  • Ensure cattle are kept at the correct pen density and receive feed and water.
  • Assess the cattle prior to induction to ensure they meet intake specifications (weight, type, condition, ailments).
  • Oversee all induction processes and procedures and record all cattle purchases on induction summary
  • Manage the inventory of induction supplies and order as required.
  • Coordinate cattle movements within feedlot.
  • Ensure all pens are ridden daily in accordance with Livestock Procedures
  • Work closely with consulting Veterinarian.
  • Ensure all Veterinarian’s hospital procedures are followed and hospital records are maintained
  • Manage the inventory of hospital drugs and order as required.
  • Supervise the selection and drafting of cattle for dispatch

What AACo Offer:

  • Ongoing training & development
  • Annual events & regular social activities
  • Transfer opportunities
  • Service Recognition
  • Values based recognition program

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Experience in feedlot cattle management, commodity management, water management
  • Good understanding of cattle and animal welfare
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance Program
  • Experience in intensive operational cattle management
  • Previous experience with StockAid and FY3000
  • Minimum 2 years experience working with feedlots, livestock or industry operations

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