My career journey: Jack Sher

Full circle: A former chemical engineer shares his unusual career trajectory and the lessons learned from managing the Palm Grove feedlot.

10 top tips for each stage of your lotfeeding career

You don’t need to wait for Monday, next month, or the new year to start or refresh your career. But we understand, it can be a daunting task. Starting a new career, advancing the one you’re already established in, or taking on a whole new role is a big deal. Here are 10 tips for each stage of your career. 

My career journey: Jacob Leak

Three states. One goal. Jacob Leak shares his career journey in the feedlot industry. He’s evidence that you can be a great leader while needing a helping hand with your own development.

Training transforming the feedlot landscape

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Peter Brace first reviewed Feedlot TECH as part of his role as learning and development manager at Queensland-based cattle, beef and food processing company, Australian Country Choice (ACC). He was hooked.

Manage Meetings

For the average employee, as much as 37 percent of your work time is spent in meetings. Manage Meetings is designed to help you develop the skills you need to […]

Business Networking

Strong business networks are an extremely valuable asset. This one-day course is specifically designed to make you a better networker by teaching you how to identify appropriate networks and participate […]

Advanced Communication

The 2019 AIM leadership survey ranked Communication as the #1 skill needed for great leadership. However, in our increasingly matrixed organisations, communication skills are vital at every level to drive […]

The Power of Influence

At its core, leadership is about influence. The ability to influence people, teams, customers and even one’s self is the single most powerful leadership skill you can possess. Understanding how […]

Negotiating Skills

Whether you negotiate routine contracts, deliverables from peers, or even bedtime with your kids, a comprehensive and strategic approach to deal making will consistently drive better outcomes. In the workplace, […]

Effective Communication

In today’s highly matrixed work environment, the number of people you communicate with daily has exploded. With so much of our work hinging on human collaboration and engagement, your ability […]