Certificate IV in Human Resources

If you’re looking for the ideal entry point into a fulfilling career in human resources, this qualification is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of human resource management across a range of industries and businesses. AIM’s BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resources will equip you with the foundations on which to build your human resources career. You’ll develop essential skills in human resource planning and service delivery across the employee lifecycle, workplace health and safety, and effective management of workforce relations.

Whether you’re currently working or planning to work in a range of human resources positions in diverse disciplines such as recruitment, learning and development, talent and performance management, remuneration and change management, this qualification is designed to provide essential human resources skills and knowledge for those commencing their career in HR.

Course Outcomes and Units Achieved

Achievement of the Certificate IV in Human Resources (BSB40420) requires the completion of 12 units (6 core units and 6 elective units).

Core units

  • BSBHRM411 Administer performance development processes – review the performance development system, make recommendations for improvement, and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the performance development system.
  • BSBHRM412 Support employee and industrial relations – identify relevant legislation, agreements, policies and procedures, use effective communication techniques to resolve simple workplace grievances and conflicts, provide accurate written and oral advice about industrial matters, and monitor and gather feedback on the implementation of industrial relations policies and procedures.
  • BSBHRM413 Support the learning and development of teams and individuals – develop learning plans to match skill needs, coordinate learning opportunities, and monitor and review workplace learning plan implementation plans.
  • BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding – develop selection criteria and interview questions in consultation with relevant stakeholders, obtain referees’ reports, assess a candidate’s skills, secure preferred candidate’s agreement, and provide an employment contract.
  • BSBHRM417 Support human resources functions and processes – use appropriate technology to collect and analyse workforce data with reference to relevant organisational policies, procedures, and ethical parameters.
  • BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs – implement and monitor procedures for WHS training, hazard identification, risk control and record keeping.


Pre-selected elective units

  • BSBCMM411 Make presentations – use aids and materials to support the presentation, and select and implement methods to review the effectiveness of presentation and document suggested improvements.
  • BSBCMM412 Lead difficult conversations – adapt delivery style and tone according to the mood of the conversation, and understand and react to relevant personnel using conviction and empathy.
  • BSBHRM529 Coordinate separation and termination processes – communicate effectively with employees to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities, ensure staff have appropriate skill-sets to conduct terminations, and use data from exit interviews for improvement.
  • BSBHRM531 Coordinate health and wellness programs – collaboratively develop an overall program management plan, prepare policy documents, coordinate required support to relevant stakeholders, and evaluate implementation and incorporate evaluation outcomes into organisational strategies.
  • BSBPEF403 Lead personal development – research and plan opportunities for own personal development, identify and record areas for further development in own behaviour in relation to others, interact and apply self-awareness, and monitor progress of own interpersonal skills.
  • BSBXCM401 Apply communication strategies in the workplace – select appropriate communication method for relevant audience and according to organisational requirements, and demonstrate problem solving techniques to negotiate and resolve communication challenges.


Entry or Workplace Requirements

Students must be over 18 years old, have an education level minimum year 10 or Certificate III. They must also have work experience and access to workplace, be technologically literate and be proficient in English.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

Online or Blended (face-to-face and online) training.

This course takes 12 months to compete.


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