Game on; earn your first badge today

It’s time to level up your learning, benchmark your skills, and go from ‘rookie’ to ‘master’ thanks to the new gamification points system on Feedlot TECH.  What is game learning? […]

Animal Welfare Officer accreditation goes online

Feedlots big and small, those based in major regional areas or further afield, will all get the chance to gain Animal Welfare Officer accreditations as training goes online for the first time.

Feedlot TECH in action: Coonamble Feedlot

Coonamble Feedlot is one of the hundreds of feedlots across Australia embracing Feedlot TECH to help train, educate, and equip staff with feedlot-specific skills and knowledge.

My career journey: Jack Sher

Full circle: A former chemical engineer shares his unusual career trajectory and the lessons learned from managing the Palm Grove feedlot.