ALFA/MLA Feedlot Automation Webinar

Provided by: Australian Lot Feeders’ Association, Meat & Livestock Australia

The ALFA/MLA Feedlot Automation webinar recording will extend the research findings of MLA Research Projects in relation to feedlot automation, such as the bunk trials, automatic crush and bunk scanner, to promote understanding and adoption of the new technologies available to automate processes on Australian feedlots.

The webinar was delivered live on 17 November 2021, via a virtual lunchtime session. This workshop will benefit feedlot owners and those interested in technologies to improve lot feeding efficiencies.


  • Joe McMeniman, MLA
  • Jeremy Blampied, Te Pari Products
  • Matt George, Bovine Dynamics
  • Sam Platts, Bovine Dynamics
  • Jeff Jurd, Mort & Co Pinegrove Feedlot
  • Stuart McCarthy, Manabotix
  • Hosted by Jeff House, ALFA/MLA Technical Services Officer



  • Introduction to and overview of the research – Background to the projects and the issues the tech aims to address.

  • Cattle crush automation – An overview of the automated cattle crush that catches, injects and backlines the beast, how the product works, video of NZ Trial site.

  • Bunk scanner trials – Introduction to the technology, overview of project results, what are the benefits to day-to-day feedlot operations.

  • Case study: implementing the BunkBot – Introduction to technology, implementation process from a technical point of view, benefits seen at Pinegrove since implementation, implementation process from a practical point of view; change in processes, staff training, adoption lead time.

  • Q&A


Training Location

Recording available online (Nation wide)

Delivery Method

The webinar is delivered virtually, and available on the Feedlot TECH Training Hub. 

Registration Fee

This webinar recording is provided for those who registered for the webinar and were unable to attend the live session. The webinar resource will become freely available to all from 17th December 2021. 


Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA)
GPO Box 149, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 02 9290 3700


Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
Dr. Joseph McMeniman 
Feedlot Program Manager 


This webinar has been developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia. 

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