Advanced Presentation Skills

Provided by: Australian Institute of Management

Are you ready to challenge your ability as a presenter and deliver better results? This one-day course will enhance your skills and confidence by providing a new perspective on presenting. Applying the principles of persuasion and connection you’ll learn tactics to help you really engage with and influence your audience – challenging perceptions, inspiring change and driving action.

If you’d like to further develop your presentation skills, this course will build your confidence and ability to give credible and convincing presentations that deliver results.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of persuasion and connection to developing and delivering an influential presentation in a variety of contexts
  • Build structured yet engaging presentations that convey ideas and connect with a range of audiences
  • Build rapport and credibility to persuade your audience and gain commitment while challenging perceptions, driving action or inspiring change
  • Prepare convincing arguments while anticipating resistance and responding to audience questions


Entry or Workplace Requirements

There are no entry or workplace requirements to attend this course.

Delivery Method and Time Requirements

Face-to-face – 1 day on Campus Workshop

Campus Locations: Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


$805.00 (includes 10% Feedlot TECH discount)

Australian Institute of Management

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