Advanced Feed Milling

Provided by: UQ Skills

The Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia Inc. (SFMCA) and UQ Skills  jointly offer flexible non-accredited training services for staff employed across the stock feed industry.

This program can provide a diverse range of training  if you are  working as a feed mill operator or supervisor. You can choose to enroll in the full program or specific modules relevant to your learning needs.

Course Outcomes and Units Achieved

The full Advanced Milling Course consists of 6 modules, which can be undertaken individually or as an entire course. Module 1 is a prerequisite to all other units and is the first to be undertaken with all enrolments.

At the successful completion of each module or the full six modules,  you will be provided with a certificate issued jointly from The University of Queensland and the SFMCA.


Module 1 – Introduction to feed milling (*Pre-requisite Module) 

  • Introduction to Australian feed milling 
  • Mill layout and design 
  • Feed quality assurance 
  • Safety in feed mills
  • Computerised (automated) systems


Module 2 – Ingredient receival, handling and storage

  • Receival
  • Handling and storing bulk ingredients
  • Handling and storing packed ingredients
  • Raw material storage and environmental control


Module 3 – Particle size reduction 

  • Introduction – grinding and why we do it
  • Hammer milling 
  • Roller milling 
  • Other techniques in particle size reduction


Module 4 – Weighing, batching and mixing

  • Production sequencing and the batching process 
  • Weighing and batching
  • Mixing
  • Hand-tipped ingredients and premixes 


Module 5 – Pelleting

  • What is pelleting? Why do we pellet animal feeds?
  • Pelleting system overview 
  • Theory of Pelleting: (1) Introduction 
  • Theory of Pelleting: (2) Construction, function and operation of a pellet press
  • Steam and Conditioning
  • Pellet quality
  • Pelleting System Operation
  • Post-pelleting processing
  • Ration composition and pellet quality
  • Advances and alternatives in pelleting equipment


Module 6 – Finished feed storage and handling

  • Quality assurance procedures for finished feeds
  • Finished feed despatch and delivery  

Entry Requirements and Pre-requisites

There are no entry requirements or pre-requisites needed  for this course or any of the individual modules.

Workplace and Equipment requirements

To be eligible for enrolment you should

  • Be currently employed  in a relevant industry and  
  • Have an  onsite supervisor to support  you  with your  training  and
  • Be able to access your workplace equipment and workplace procedures. 

Delivery Methods and timing

This online training takes 6-12months to complete and  is delivered through UQ Skills’ online platform called Blackboard.

A UQ Skills’ facilitator will be available for your mentoring as required. 

Your training is self-paced and you will progress through the modules to successfully complete the required assessment in each module.


Program fees can be paid per Module or for the complete program (Modules 1-6).  SFMCA members are eligible for a discounted fee. 

Course/Module SFMCA Member Price (Plus GST) Non-SFMCA Member Price (Plus GST)
Complete Course (6 modules) $2565 $2825
Module 1 – Introduction to feed milling $475 $520
Module 2 – Ingredient receival, handling and storage $380 $420
Module 3 – Particle size reduction $380 $420
Module 4 – Weighing, batching and mixing $380 $420
Module 5 – Pelleting $1045 $1150
Module 6 – Finished feed storage and handling $190 $210

UQ Skills

The University of Queensland, Australia
Morrison Hall (Building 8123), Gatton Campus
Gatton, QLD, 4343
Phone: 07 5460 1353
RTO 1511

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